Safe and Social

Looking to create a safe, collaborative learning environment?

With your admin account, you can easily verify the teachers and students joining your network. You can also review posts and activity at the school, group, or individual level.

Real-Time Analytics

Want to know how many students logged in, assignments were
given, or quizzes were taken?

Check your admin dashboard day or night to get real-time analytics. When you implement a tool that teachers and students already use, getting the data you need is simple.


Teachers & Students



Learning Communities

Need a space for collaboration where you can fuel learning all year long?

Creating a network automatically connects all teachers and students to their school and district communities
to enable better communication and collaboration. Distribute announcements, exchange resources,
and share best practices—see the power when everyone's connected.


“We no longer saw the need to continue a high-dollar search for a learning management
system. We now use Edmodo as the tool through which blended teaching
and learning occurs.”

Adam Seldow, Executive Director of Technology
Chesterfield County Public Schools, VA

“Edmodo has had a phenomenal effect on our district. After introducing Edmodo to a few
teachers, we saw the usage statistics soar.”

Donna Teuber, Team Leader for Technology Integration
Richland School District Two, SC

"I use Edmodo to supplement professional development as a way to expand
discussions, and allow the training opportunities to live and breathe
beyond the face to face.”

Sara Stewart, Program Learning Specialist, Educational Technology
Washoe County School District, NV

"Educators who have previously been hesitant to use technology with their students
have embraced Edmodo.”

Norma Jennings, IT Teacher
Escambia County School District, FL

If I were on a deserted island, all I would need is a device to connect to the
internet and Edmodo!"

Kristina Holzweiss, Library Media Specialist
Bay Shore Middle School, NY

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